A Fox 41video documentary about an elementary school art project at the Mother Ann Lee Hyroelectric Station (Click here to Watch)

A Fox 41 News video documentary about the refurbishing of the Mother Ann Lee Hyroelectric Station
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Ten percent more love to Mother ... Ann Lee, that is

Nov 18, 2010

As some students know, 15 miles from campus at Lock Seven on the Kentucky River, a mother turns her great wheels to produce nearly ten percent of Centre’s energy. The Mother Ann Lee Hydroelectric Dam offsets some of our energy that would otherwise be produced by coal, which provides 90 percent of energy burned in Kentucky. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Lock 7 Hydro Partners

Feb, 2010

Louisville, KY — "Renewable energy is to many the holy grail for a post-carbon future, and hydro-power could well be one of its key contributors in Kentucky." (Continue Reading Click Here)

A Renewed Source of Renewable Energy

Jun 29, 2009
PLEASANT HILL, KY — "The message of Mother Ann Lee is that renewable energy in Kentucky is not only possible
but we're doing it," Kinloch said. "You hear about all this renewable energy on the West Coast and the East Coast, but it can be done right here in Kentucky." (Continue Reading Click Here)

Kentucky River Hydro

Dec 31, 2008
All three units at the Mother Ann Lee hydropower plant are now up and running for the first time in years, reports Louisvillian David Brown Kinloch, one of the plant's owners. Previously, just two turbines were working. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Students vote more green for green energy; trustees approve

Oct 30, 2008
DANVILLE, KY—During its October 24th meeting, the Centre Board of Trustees unanimously accepted a student-initiated proposal that will support green energy production through the purchase of renewable energy credits from the Mother Ann Lee Hydro Station in Shakertown, Ky. Centre is the first educational institution in Kentucky to support the local production of green energy. (Continue Reading Click Here)

State looks to rivers for clean energy

Oct 28, 2008
PLEASANT HILL, Ky. -- From a small, unassuming plant at Lock and Dam No. 7, not far from historic Shaker Village, the Kentucky River gushes across the propellers of a hydroelectric generator that will soon provide enough electricity for 2,000 homes. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Greener Pastures, Bluer Skies: Electric companies offer 'green' alternatives

July 29, 2008
For as little as $5 a month, you could help save the planet.As more and more companies start to think "green," two local electricity providers are offering programs to help reduce carbon emissions commonly released from burning coal.Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas and Electric, along with Inter-County Energy, offer Green Energy programs. The programs allow customers to choose how much energy they get from a renewable resource. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Greener Pastures, Bluer Skies: Centre College finds helping environment comes at a cost

July 27, 2008
In a time when pinching a penny is second nature, some Centre College students have voted to voluntarily increase their tuition for the sake of the environment. “It’s meant to purchase about 10 percent of the school’s energy,” said Christanna Schuman, a 2008 Centre graduate and immediate past president of the Environmentally Conscious Centre Organization. (Continue Reading Click Here) Becomes Green Energy Champion

May 8, 2008
LOUISVILLE, KY - has become the first “Green Energy Champion” with Louisville Gas and Electric, an E.ON company, offsetting more than 1,500 tons of carbon emissions annually. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Kentucky Derby Festival takes first step in going 'green

March 10, 2008
The Kentucky Derby Festival has opted to begin offsetting carbon emissions produced by electricity use at its Louisville headquarters by enrolling in Louisville Gas and Electric Co.'s Green Energy program. Through the program, LG&E residential and business customers can "offset" their emissions by donating money, which is used to develop renewable energy sources. Donations are made in $5 increments. For each $5, LG&E ensures that 300 kilowatt hours of renewable energy is delivered to the Kentucky transmission grid from the Mother Ann Lee hydroelectric plant near Harrodsburg, Ky. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Hydroelectric Energy gets Green-Light from Utility Giant

December 21, 2007
Renewable energy isn’t as affordable-yet- as fossil fuel energy. But the growing green power market could help offset the cost, and encourage new green power development. That’s what’s happening for a small hydroelectric plant on the Kentucky River...
The first time water flowing over the Lock 7 dam near Harrodsburg was spun into energy was 1927. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Utilities detail 'green' program: Customers can fund hydropower plant

December 15, 2007
Louisville Gas and Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities customers who participate in the utilities' "green power" program will support a small hydropower plant on the Kentucky River, officials announced yesterday.
The program is being sold voluntarily to residential and industrial customers in monthly increments of $5 and $13, respectively, as a way to offset heat-trapping gases from coal that contribute to global warming. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Lock 7 Hydro Partners to Be Primary Supplier for LG&E and KU Green Energy Program

December 14, 2007
Lock 7 Hydro Partners, LLC, E.ON U.S. LLC, and 3Degrees Group, Inc. announced today that Lock 7 Hydro Partners will become the primary supplier of renewable energy credits (RECs) for Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities companies' "Green Energy" program. The Mother Ann Lee Hydroelectric Station on the Kentucky River at Lock and Dam 7 will generate the RECs. 3Degrees, a national climate change solutions provider, has agreed to purchase all of the RECs generated by the project and has committed to supply the RECs to E.ON U.S. for the Green Energy Program. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Hydro plant helps KU customers go green

December 14, 2007
A small hydroelectric plant on the Kentucky River is now doing its part to help customers of Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas and Electric Co. use renewable energy. Lock 7 Hydro Partners, which owns the hydro plant on the Kentucky River in Mercer County, announced Friday that it will be the primary supplier of renewable energy credits for the “Green Energy” program offered by KU and LG&E.  (Continue Reading Click Here)

KU sells historic Lock 7 power plant

January 4, 2006
HARRODSBURG - A historic electricity generating plant has been saved from the wrecking ball and will be renovated and preserved as a "green" resource for electricity.Kentucky Utilities announced Tuesday the sale of its Lock 7 hydroelectric generating facility to Lock 7 Hydro Partners. It completes the first part of an effort that began in March 2004 to save the plant that was built in 1928. (Continue Reading Click Here)

Historic Dam to Produce Power Again

January 3, 2006
Kentucky Utilities Company and the Lock 7 Hydro Partners announced today that they are taking steps to maximize Kentucky's natural resources and provide cleaner energy for Kentucky. KU has sold the Lock 7 hydroelectric generating facility on the Kentucky River near Shakertown to the Lock 7 Hydro Partners who will rehabilitate and operate the facility.(Continue Reading Click Here)

Unused hydroelectric plant on Kentucky River sparks interest

June 17, 2004
HARRODSBURG - The future of a small electricity generating plant on the Kentucky River is unknown, but not because no one is paying attention. A Louisville company is investigating the prospect of buying the operation from Kentucky Utilities, but the investigation is at a point where little can be said publicly. The Lock 7 hydroelectric plant has not been used since 1999 by KU and has fallen into disrepair. It reportedly would take between $4 million and $6 million to renovate it and bring it back on line. (Continue Reading Click Here)